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Structure Course Description

The Structure Course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform a professional inspection of the structure
Overview of house structure
Overview of house structure — This illustration shows that the scope of the inspection includes all of the building structure elements. It is from our Structure Course, Scope and Introduction Chapter. All of our 10 Courses contain easy-to-understand illustrations that help you understand the subject.

Course Overview

In the Online Structure Course, all of the structural elements of a building from the footings and foundations to the floor, wall and roof assemblies are addressed in detail. Elements of good construction are illustrated, along with common failure modes and how to identify them.

The Study Sessions will help you make your way through the material. The Quick Quizzes will help you check your progress. Field Exercises are also included to help turn your knowledge into real-world experience.

Course Outline

Footings and Foundations

  • Functions
  • Basements, crawlspaces, slab on grade
  • Footing and foundation types and problems


  • Sills, columns, beams, joists, engineered wood, subflooring, concrete

Wall Systems

  • Solid masonry, wood frame, masonry veneer, arches and lintels

Roof Framing

  • Rafters, roof joists, ceiling joists
  • Collar ties, knee walls, purlins
  • Trusses, engineered wood, roof sheathing
  • Seismic and wind resistance

Course Duration

  • 42 hours

Learning Assessments

  • One midterm and one final exam — online
  • 70% passing grade overall (ON & BC slightly different)


  • $4,495* for the full Program (all 10 Home Inspection Courses) or $495 for any single Course** Includes all learning materials, tests, exams, tutor support and ongoing postgraduate support

    * For students in Ontario, the full Home Inspection Training Program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and successful completion leads to a certificate. ** Not available in Ontario.

  • Financing options available. Speak to one of our Education consultants to learn more

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Get a sample chapter on Structure

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