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10 In-Depth Home Inspection Online Courses

Our 10 Home Inspection Online Courses give you a complete education in all areas of the home inspection field. When you graduate, you will have the skills and the confidence to be among the best.

With each course you get:

  • Image-rich and easy-to-understand digital content
  • Videos, case studies and interactive exercises
  • Live webinars and online quizzes
  • Inspection procedures and practical Field Exercises
  • Tutors to help you when you need it
  • Insight — our Apprenticeship App
  • Free use of our state-of-the-art Horizon Reporting Software while you learn

After graduation, you get:

  • Free technical support forever!
  • Free home inspector’s website for six months


  • $4,495* for the full Program (all 10 Home Inspection Courses) or $495 for any single Course** Includes all learning materials, tests, exams, tutor support and ongoing postgraduate support

    * For students in Ontario, the full Home Inspection Training Program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and successful completion leads to a certificate. ** Not available in Ontario.

  • Financing options available. Speak to one of our Education consultants to learn more.

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Home Inspection Roofing Course online


During the Roofing Course, you will learn about both sloped and flat roof construction. Plus, you will learn about flashing details and the intersections that often cause problems on roofs. 

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Home Inspection Structure Online Course


The Structure Course will teach you how to inspect all of the structural elements of a building like an expert home inspector. You will learn what to look for, from the footings and foundations to the floor, wall, and roof assemblies.

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Home Inspection Online Course Electrical


The Electrical Course is designed for people who do not have an electrical background. In this Course, you will learn all about home electrical systems. Plus, you will learn how to inspect the electrical part of a home with skill.

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Heating I

The first Heating Course will teach you how to inspect heating systems like an experienced, competent professional. The Course starts with an introduction to residential heating systems, then it focuses on furnaces and boilers.

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Home Inspection Online Course Heating 2

Heating 2

After learning the basics in the Heating I Course, the second Heating Course continues with a focus on chimneys, wood heating, fireplaces, steam heating, electrical heating systems and space heaters.

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Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps

The Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps Course will teach you how to inspect air conditioning and heat pump systems. The Course starts with the basics of operation then builds on that understanding.

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The Plumbing Course will teach you how to inspect supply plumbing systems like an experienced professional. This Course is broken into four parts – supply piping, water heaters, waste piping, and plumbing fixtures.

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In the Exterior Course, you will learn how to inspect building exteriors. These include retaining walls, grounds, window wells, lot grading, driveways, patios, walkways, decks, balconies, and more.

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Home Inspection Online Course Insulation

Insulation & Interiors

The Insulation & Interiors Course focuses on the inspection of thermal insulation, vapour barriers and ventilation systems. You will learn how to inspect all interior elements of a house.

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Communication & Professional Practice

Home inspectors need to be able to communicate clearly and ensure that clients understand the inspection results and the report. In this Course, you’ll develop your oral and written communication skills that you will need to become a competent professional.

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