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  • Stuck someplace you don’t want to be?
  • Working too hard for too little money?
  • Dread going to work every day?
  • Ready to make a change, but not sure you have the skills?
  • Looking for a new career that’s right for you?

If you answered YES to any of these, it’s time for a rewarding career in home inspection.
Based on a study surveying the responses of 2,483 inspectors across North America

(ASHI Business Operations Survey)

Find Your Career in a $2 Billion Industry

Start your own business. Buy a franchise. Join an existing firm.

You want to build a better life for yourself and for your family. Our program will give you the confidence you need to become an accomplished home inspector and take control of your future.

We help you get into business and earn the money, respect and credibility you deserve. Our training program teaches you more than a checklist. We explain the how and the why behind the systems in a home, so you can educate your clients and help them make a sound decision about their largest investment.

Training Specific to British Columbia

BC is different from the rest of Canada. It has a different climate. It has a different real estate market. And it has its very own licensing requirements for home inspectors.

A lot of home inspection training programs try to use the one-size-fits-all approach. But we’ve taken our 40 years of experience in the field and 50,000+ courses delivered, and created a comprehensive course tailored to BC’s weather, housing stock and regulations. That’s important, because what you need to know to be a great home inspector in BC is not the same thing you need in Ontario, or even Alberta!

All of our BC courses are created and taught by experienced, successful and active BC home inspectors. All of the images and case studies used in the courses are BC homes.

Our training program is approved by Consumer Protection BC and is endorsed by the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia (HIABC).

Learn more about licensing requirements for home inspectors in BC.

Building Science and Business Skills

That's how you become a great home inspector

We’ve created a truly comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow distance learning program that combines richly illustrated text with interactive training exercises and videos that make the material easy to follow. Full engagement with expert instructors via twice-weekly live webinars gives you the benefit of classroom learning without the cost and hassle of travel and accommodations. Real-world case studies and tutor support bring the learning to life. The course meets the 150 hours required by Consumer Protection BC, and takes nine months to complete.

We even help you build your business. Our program includes a course on Communications and Professional Practice. We’ll also show you how to create brilliant reports and market your business to real estate agents. You’ll even get free Horizon home inspection software and a professional website from Inspectors Edge for six months to help you hit the ground running.

Can I Afford It?

There are tools available to help.

You have other financial commitments. We get that. Our distance learning format helps you save time and costs on travel and accommodations. You study from the comfort of your own home.

There are ways to make career training more affordable, from income tax deductions to financial aid programs. Speak to one of our Education Consultants to learn more.

Learn more about Horizon home inspection software.

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