Sellers Home Inspection

Sell your home faster and easier with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Why get a pre-list inspection?

  • A pre-listing inspection report brings more buyers to the table, creating a better negotiating environment for all parties. When the condition of the home is disclosed at the beginning rather than the end of the process, things move more quickly and smoothly. It is a win-win situation that carries less liability for all.
  • Use a pre-listing inspection to sell your home more quickly, more easily, and for more money.
  • Our credibility makes prospective buyers more comfortable and less likely to add conditions or come with a low offer.

Certified Pre-Owned Homes

  • We combine a home inspection with a comprehensive home warranty, to safeguard both the buyer and seller through the transaction and into the first year of ownership.
  • As a seller, get up to $20,000 towards improvements from Jiffy, allowing you to quickly prepare the home for optimal selling price.
  • Learn more about Certified Pre-Owned Homes.

A Home Inspection You Can Trust

We've completed over 200,000 inspections in the GTA since 1978.

Included with Your Seller's Inspection

  • Book an inspection quickly and easily, online or on the phone
  • A thorough home inspection by an experienced professional inspector
  • Your inspection report issued the same day. Easy to read and understand, with useful photos and illustrations. You approve the report before it’s published
  • A FREE Home Reference e-book ($45 value)
  • A Certified Pre-Owned Home designation. This includes a comprehensive home warranty, and the option of a $20,000 interest-free advance towards quick improvements to sell faster and at a higher price

Plus, get over $500 in savings on other home services