FAQs on

The Certified Pre-Owned Home™

from Carson Dunlop


30 days after you enroll in the warranty, or the day you take possession. If the warranty is part of a real estate transaction, the 30-day waiting period is waived.

Yes, the choice is yours!

Yes, you have four options to choose from, with pricing from $45, $55, $65 or $75 per month.

Yes, all plans except the Essential include maintenance checks every other year.

No, it is plain English and only two pages.

Only until you repair it. You may be asked for the repair receipt when making a claim later.

All parts inside the cabinet.

Certified Pre-Owned Home

Simply continue with the home warranty and have Carson Dunlop perform an update home inspection every two years.


$0. There is no deductible.

Yes, you can use our contractor or yours.

No. There are limits on the plumbing and electrical protection.

You receive a fixed dollar amount.

No, to make a claim you simply call 800-978-2022. Your call will be answered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Jiffy for Sellers

No, there is no credit application.

If the home does not sell in 90 days, you pay Jiffy for their work.

No, any home improvements qualify including painting, cleaning, and landscaping.

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