Rob Knepshield’s Success Story

Horizon gives Rob more time for the things he loves – camping, scuba diving, horseback riding and enjoying the outdoors.

Freedom to be my own boss

How has Horizon changed your business?

Horizon makes me and my clients happy. I am able to do three inspections a day, and each report is emailed at the end of the inspection. I don’t bring the reports home to review. I’m done when I leave the inspection. I collect the information on my phone, upload to the web, review it with the customer at the end of the inspection and hit send. I collect my inspection fee and head off to the next inspection.

How does Horizon Mobile make report writing faster and easier for you?

By using the phone app, I can take pictures while I’m entering data and when the report is put together, the pictures are placed in the proper area of the report without me worrying. That saves a lot of time looking for a photo and dragging and dropping it where it belongs. If you want 10 or 100 photos, the system can handle all of it. It saves me so much time.

What do clients and agents think about your reports?

I was afraid my realtors would be upset when I switched to Horizon, but they all love the system. Agents especially love the summary page and the detail of the reporting system.

Would you recommend Horizon to inspectors?

Absolutely! I got into home inspection to get away from ‘corporate America’. It allows me the freedom to be my own boss, to be successful, and to have time to do the things I love. Horizon amplifies that freedom.

Rob Knepshield is a home inspector and business owner in Colorado and runs RBS&K Home & Building Inspectors Inc.