Paul Studholme’s Success Story

Horizon gives Paul more time for the things he loves – gardening, woodworking and home renovations.

Horizon has given me a huge advantage

How has Horizon changed your business?

I started with Horizon and it has allowed me to create a report that is more concise than those provided by other inspectors. It has given me a huge advantage.

How does Horizon Mobile make report writing faster and easier for you?

I started using Horizon four months after its launch and now with the Android version I’m able to use my tablet which is great as I can carry it around and use it wherever I am.

What do clients and agents think about your reports?

I get great feedback all the time. Agents always tell me their clients love the report and use it as a “To Do” list – even giving the report to their contractors or handymen to show what needs to be done.

Would you recommend Horizon to inspectors?

Definitely, Horizon is great for the new inspector, as its organizational style will remind them of things they may have missed. It becomes somewhat of a checklist for them. The more you use Horizon, the more you know what to add to a report and where. It even adds illustrations to help your clients better understand the report and what needs to be done.

Paul Studholme is a home inspector and runs a thriving home inspection business in Ontario, Canada.