Chris Hilton’s Success Story

Horizon gives Chris more time for the things he loves – his family, including his wife of 25 years, five children and six grandchildren

My business has multiplied because of Horizon

How has Horizon changed your business?

The commitment literally changed my life, not just my business, by drastically reducing the time required to do what I do. My business has multiplied because of the added speed of the complete Inspection process – a feat possible only through Horizon.

How does Horizon Mobile make report writing faster and easier for you?

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to write reports any faster, easier, or with better quality than through Horizon mobile and its field apps. A few clicks and, if appropriate, a photo and I’m done. Run into something overly complex and involved? I enter one or more photos in the appropriate section of the report, click on my iPhone voice memo and record the information to be added on the web later.

What do clients and agents think about your reports?

Agents and clients love my reports. The report is often forwarded to mortgage lenders and closing attorneys, which generates even more business.

Would you recommend Horizon to inspectors?

If you are my competitor, I honestly hope you never figure out how awesome Horizon is! You will make me look better when agents and clients compare my reports to yours. If you are outside my service area, you are an absolute fool not to use this product! In my years of experience, it simply does not get better than Horizon and Carson Dunlop!

Chris Hilton is a home inspector and runs a thriving home inspection business in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.