October 26, 2017 in Report Writing

5 Report Writing Mistakes Every Inspector Should Avoid

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes,”
– Oscar Wilde,  Author

At some point, every inspector is likely to make a mistake when writing a report – it’s just human nature.

At Horizon, we understand your situation and have already walked the proverbial mile in your shoes. Here are a few suggestions based on our experience on how to create amazing inspection reports.

Our focus today is the five most common report writing makes made by users and how to avoid them in future reports.

This includes avoiding

  • Report noise in your descriptions
  • Report noise when defining limitations
  • Report noise when making recommendations
  • Technical jargon and not writing for your audience
  • Ignoring your client’s preferences

If your report writing is suffering from any of these symptoms, please be sure to watch this video for ways to enhance your report’s clarity, delivery and overall customer value.