Your inspection report

With a Carson Dunlop Home Inspection, you get your inspection report the same day. It will include richly-illustrated text as well as photos of your home for clarity and reference. It will identify components that are not performing, as well as items that are near the end of their life. Your report will even include ballpark costs for repairs plus maintenance tips for your home.

Carson Dunlop Buyer's and Seller's home inspection report sample


  • An easy-to-read overview summarizing the key points
  • One section for every major system of your home (roofing, exterior, structure, plumbing, etc.)
  • The identification of components that are not performing
  • A description of items that are near the end of their life
  • Illustrations that show the details
  • Photos of your home

Your report will also include

  • Maintenance tips to protect your home
  • Ballpark costs for repairs

Your report will be

  • Written in plain English and easy to read and understand
  • Delivered the same day as the inspection

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