Did you know the average house suffers 2 breakdowns a year?
From backed-up pipes to a broken-down furnace, you have to expect the unexpected.

Based on JP Morgan FTDR Report, March 2019


Don’t let surprises ruin the joy of home ownership. Get ongoing protection against expensive breakdowns so you can concentrate on making your new house a home.


Simplify your home ownership experience with our protection plan.

Great coverage

Our plan cover a wide range of systems.

  • $2,000 for heating and cooling
  • $2,000 for plumbing
  • $1,000 for appliances
  • $1,000 for electrical

Single point of contact

When you experience a breakdown, our partners at Setter will manage all diagnostics, repairs and replacements, consulting you along the way. When something goes wrong simply call or message through the Setter app.

Claims are simple

  • No complicated forms or legal jargon needed to make a claim.
  • Setter will simply charge you $50 for any work included by the plan, and the rest is covered (up to a maximum category coverage).

No claims? Get a credit!

If you don’t submit a claim within a calendar year of coverage, Setter will provide you with a credit for 40% of your annual plan price to be used towards home upgrades and improvements.

Free $100 gift

All of our home inspection clients get a $100 Setter gift card you can use toward your choice of over 150 services ranging from brick and masonry repair to lawn and landscaping, from gutter and window cleaning to painting services.


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