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Horizon has partnered with Listen 360 to offer our users an exclusive offer for review and customer management, to improve your online reputation and rank higher in search engine results.


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“Word of mouth” marketing is key to an inspector’s growth strategy. Thanks to today’s social networks, people are more connected than ever before — making it easier to get and receive genuine recommendations. Listen360 gives home inspectors the ability to reach more qualified prospects with recommendations, creating more opportunities for growth.

Keep It Personal as You Grow

Inspectors of any business size want to feel heard. Listen360 gives small businesses the ability to gather near real-time feedback and insights from customers, so you can deliver world-class experiences with a personal touch. When you use the Listen360 platform to respond to and meet your customers’ needs, you’ll know your customers will love their experience with you — and that they’ll share that love with their friends.

Horizon Makes it Easy

I’ve been using Listen 360 for 6 years and highly recommend it to grow your business. The reviews are real-time, no tampering. I have 2013 reviews to date with rating of 4.9 from clients, and 4.8 from agent, I think I am doing well. I use these reviews to my full marketing advantage- which helps get more work. Reviews automatically send from Horizon to all, customers, buyers and sellers agents. Some bad reviews come in from time to time and I have NEW agents who I’ve never met started using my services. It keep me on my toes and strive to work harder, when negative reviews come.

P. JesalArch Home Inspections

Simple interface, ability to filter/customize views of the data and use API to bring data into our custom BI tool to allow for more robust reporting


I love that this is so easy for not only the business side to use, but also the clients that we are surveying! They are happy that when we say it only takes a couple minutes of their time, that is exactly what the situation is. I also love the dashboard and set up so that you are able to see where/who can improve upon things, and where we are doing well. LOVE this product!


As the owner of a multi-inspector company, it gives me immediate feedback about our clients’ experiences. The real value comes in the written feedback from clients that accompanies the numerical rating. We consistently see words, such as “thoroughness, kindness, on-time, the inspector explained everything to me and answered all my questions, etc.” This feedback has huge value and shows what sets us apart from other companies; what clients and agents really appreciate as opposed to what I think they should appreciate. Insights from Listen 360 allowed us to work positively with one of our inspectors. He was very thorough and detailed, but agents were frustrated because he took more time than other inspectors. I was able to work with him to streamline his procedures and techniques, without sacrificing quality, and improve our client experiences. I would strongly recommend taking advantage of this service whether you are a multi-inspector firm or on your own.

R. Belliveau Highland Home Inspections Inc.

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